Preserving Nature

GGBK leads in Sundarbans` ecological balance through reforestation and sustainable initiatives, envisioning a green economy for residents` well-being.

Preventing Trafficking

GGBK fights human trafficking & empowers survivors with holistic interventions in West Bengal.

Ensuring Justice

GGBK ensures justice, empowers survivors in West Bengal through legal aid, sensitization, and victim compensation, fostering resilience.

Changing Livelihoods

GGBK empowers marginalized communities, fostering 6,000 secure livelihoods and ensuring training and job placements for vulnerable women.

Building Climate Resilience

Prioritizing disaster management and ecological preservation in Sundarbans, offering flood preparedness training for community resilience.

Goranbose Gram Bikash Kendra (GGBK)

GGBK, founded in 1985 and registered in 1987 in the Sunderbans, is a not-for-profit organization that primarily collaborates with vulnerable communities in West Bengal as well as other Indian states to build a society free from illiteracy, caste, creed, poverty, slavery, and gender discrimination.

3500 People Rescued
From Trafficking
25000 Students Oriented
50,000 People Benefited
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Our Programmes

Access to Justice

GGBK demonstrates unwavering commitment to ensuring access to justice and the rightful entitlements of survivors, extending this support beyond the confines of funded projects.


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Livelihood Promotion

GGBK has implemented various vocational training and livelihood programs to combat the lack of employment opportunities in marginalized coastal and hilly regions.

Climate Resilience and Disaster Management

GGBK is deeply committed to disaster management in the vulnerable Sundarbans region. The organization has initiated experiential training programs...



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