climate resilience and disaster management

GGBK is deeply committed to disaster management in the vulnerable Sundarbans region. The organization has initiated experiential training programs focused on preparing local communities for flood-related incidents. Members of these vulnerable communities receive hands-on support using household tools, garnering praise from local authorities.

This critical training will remain a central focus in the organization`s future endeavors, covering all four essential phases of disaster management: Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery.

Additionally, GGBK has long been at the forefront of efforts to promote ecological balance in the Sunderbans. These initiatives encompass reforestation projects, often in collaboration with government support, and providing seeds to vulnerable communities for creating compost-based roof gardens.

The organization advocates for a sustainable green economy, envisioning a future where nature is rejuvenated, and residents who rely on it can simultaneously transition to alternative and sustainable livelihoods. These eco-conscious efforts underscore GGBK`s unwavering commitment to environmental causes and the well-being of the Sundarbans` residents.